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holidays for Saarland at a glance

Winter holiday17.02 - 25.02
Easter holiday14.04 - 24.04
Summer holiday06.07 - 14.08
Fall holiday12.10 - 23.10
Christmas holiday21.12 - 31.12
Winter holiday15.02 - 19.02
Easter holiday29.03 - 07.04
Whitsun holiday25.05 - 28.05
Summer holiday19.07 - 27.07
Fall holiday18.10 - 29.10
Christmas holiday23.12 - 03.01

Shared holidays of all states

If your are from Hamburg, for example, and want to know, when it might be possible to visit your friends with school-age children in Saarland, simply choose 'Hamburg' and 'Saarland'. You can now see those dates of the year, on which you and your friends have school holidays.

Holidays for 2020 in Saarland



statutory holiday in all states



statutory holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Saarland

The celebration oft he three Magi is always on January, the 6th. The appearance of the Glory of Jesus, while the worship of three Magis, the baptism in the Jordan and the wonder of Kana. Traditionally, it is the last day of removing the Christmas tree. On Epiphany there are carol singers in certain regions, moving from door to door, singing and writing blessings with chalk onto each door.


Good Friday

statutory holiday in all states

Good Friday is after the Friday before Eastern. On Good Friday one thinks of the death of Jesus Christ. It is part of the so called Good Week, which begins after Palm Sunday, including Maundy Thursday and Good Friday and ends with Good Saturday.


Easter monday

statutory holiday in all states

Easter Monday ist the monday after Easter Sunday. As second holiday it is actually not an Easternday. The Christian background of this holiday is the encounter of two disciples with the risen Christ.


1st May: Day of work

statutory holiday in all states

In old traditions, the 1st May is an holiday as well (Dance into May, Walpurgis Night, May trees, etc.). Since 1890 it is rededicated to “Achievements of the international labor movement”.



statutory holiday in all states

The Ascencion of Christ is 39 days after Easter Monday, for this it always on thursday. The christian background is the ascension of Jesus Christ to his father God in heaven after his resurrection (Eastern). Secular oriented citizens see this day as “Father´s Day”, proper men´s tours included.


Whit Monday

statutory holiday in all states

Whit Monday is 49 days after Easter Sunday. Here, the outpouring of the Holy Ghost onto the disciples and apostles of Jesus Christ is celebrated.


Corpus Christi

statutory holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland

Corpus Christi, the „Solemnity of body and blood of Christ“, is celebrated on the 60th day after Easter Sunday with masses and processions.
In Sachsen it is only in certain regions of the counties Bautzen and Westlausitz a legal holiday. In Thüringen is the Department of the Interior able to set Corpus Christi as a legal holiday by changing the ordinance.


Assumption Day

statutory holiday in Bavaria, Saarland

Assumption Day, the celebration of taking Maria into heaven, is always on August, the 15th. In Bayern is the Assumption Day only in regions with predominantly catholic population a legal holiday. Visit the following website to see which of these regions are included: Bayerische Landesamtes für Statistik


German Unification Day

statutory holiday in all states

Since 1990 the 3rd of October is Germany´s National Holiday, thinking of the Reunion. In Western Germany this holiday was celebrated on the 17th of June, rembering the national uprising in the DDR that was abolished on this day of October in 1953.


All Saints` Day

statutory holiday in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland

The feast day of the Saints of the christian church is always on the 1st of november.


1st Christmas Eve (in Germany)

statutory holiday in all states

Main celebration day of Christmas (in Germany)


2nd Christmas Eve (in Germany)

statutory holiday in all states

statutory holiday in

statutory holiday in

statutory holiday in

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