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Luminox Luminox<br />€395.00

Luminox watches

The watches of the Swiss brand Luminox have a long tradition in the field of military watches or mission timekeepers. They are manufactured in Switzerland and are equipped with Luminox Light Technology (LLT), a certified tritium-based lighting system that ensures long-term illumination without external energy supply. Luminox watches are used by the Heliswiss Team, the US Navy Seals and other special forces. The watches are extremely durable and waterproof, making them ideal for all outdoor activities. ...read more
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About Luminox watches

The Luminox brand is based on an American success story. In 1989, the two Americans Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo decided to develop an innovative watch with which they would have a long-term chance to survive in the market. In the course of their research, they came across a unique lighting system from Switzerland, the potential of which they immediately recognised. With this new system it was possible to see the time in low light conditions and even in total darkness.

They began to implement this technology and the Luminox brand was born. Lumen is the Latin term for light and nox stands for night. Even in the logo, this stark contrast between light and darkness is playfully implemented. The logo consists of white lettering on a black background and has a red frame in the style of the swiss made branding.

Luminox quickly developed the first diver's watch, which should meet the high demands of officers of the US Navy, in order to be well prepared for night missions. This diver's watch was first introduced in 1994 and was marketed under the name Original SEAL Diver's Watch. Through this Innoavtion also the Air Force became attentive to Luminox and after consultation with a member of the Edwards Air Force Base, who enthused about the advantages of the Luminox technology, a unique collection inspired by aviation arose.

Each wristwatch is equipped with one of these unique lighting components, which are firmly integrated into hands, hour markers and partially the bezels. No external luminosity is required, the watches glow all by themselves. There is also no need to push a button, as soon as the lighting conditions deteriorate, the luminosity becomes immediately visible. This power-independent system thus fulfils all the requirements of various military representatives. The guaranteed illumination duration is 25 years, the light is 100 times brighter than conventional flourishing watches. The watches are manufactured in Switzerland and equipped with Swiss movements.

Luminox watches are worn by the members of numerous specialized organizations such as the U.S. Navy Seals, the FBI or the pilots of Heliswiss and many others.

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