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CASIO Radio Controlled Watches

Classic, but still popular are the radio watches from Casio. The innovative multifrequency radio movement synchronizes the time with all major time signal transmitters worldwide. With timeless design without bells and whistles, high-quality materials such as sapphire glass and solar drive, these watches make a great impression. read more
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Casio is not only a pioneer in digital watches, but has also inspired the masses for decades with its absolutely shock-resistant and stylish G-Shock watches, along with its high-quality sports and leisure watches, radio-controlled watches and, most recently, smart watches. The watches from the Edifice, Pro Trek and G-Shock series are well-known and loved worldwide. 

Absolute accuracy and elegant design is what makes the radio watches of Casio impressive. They all have DCF / MSF / WWVB / JJY / BPC radio signal reception: in Europe, North America and Japan, as well as much of Canada, Central America and China - after the watch is set to the local time zone, it receives the corresponding radio signal and always shows the exact time.

Great design combined with reliability - this is exactly what the radio watches of the Casio brand offer. The impulses of the National Metrology Institute of Germany, which emits signals every second, ensure the accuracy of these watches. Furthermore, Casio's radio watches are able to receive the time signals of the other five radio towers distributed around the world. 

The radio watches from Casio are thus predestined for business travellers, who value technical precision and elegant design. The watches are not only impressive with their state-of-the-art watch technology, but also with modern design.

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