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Radio-controlled clocks

Nothing wakes you up as reliably as a radio alarm clock! It is always accurate to the second and switches automatically when the time changes. Many wireless alarm clocks also have useful functions such as temperature display, projection display and snooze alarm. read more

about Funkwecker

Radio alarm clocks are characterized by reliability, because they always wake us up punctually from our most beautiful dreams. 

Like the radio-controlled clocks, it is equipped with a small receiver, that receives the right time from a special transmitter in Frankfurt am Main. So you don't have to worry about changing from winter to summer time. They are also small and robust and can even be a faithful companion when travelling.  We offer you a large selection of very simple analogue and digital alarm clocks up to alarm clocks with world time display, projection clocks, thermometers and radios. Brands such as Oregon Scientific and Dugena offer a variety of models to help you get up on time. Take a look around and discover your wireless alarm clock, that meets your requirements.  

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