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Junghans FORM

Junghans FORM

The Form collection is characterized above all by its modern design. A flat, convex case, which allows a good fit and gives the watch an impressive three-dimensionality. The stylish simplicity completes every outfit. read more
More from Junghans:

The Junghans brand presented the world's first radio-controlled wristwatch in 1990 and is still the leading supplier of radio-controlled watches today. In 2004, for example, Junghans produced the world's first multifrequency radio-controlled wristwatch, which synchronizes with radio signals in Japan, the USA and Europe.

The company philosophy: Inventiveness and the continuous pursuit of precision have formed the basis for the Junghans Group's success story since the company was founded in 1861.

Junghans is currently working with Japanese watchmaker Seiko to develop a world radio-controlled watch that automatically sets the local time by radio signal. In addition to radio technology, which is marketed under the Junghans Mega product line, the company occupies a leading position in the construction of quartz watches with solar drive. However, watches with a mechanical movement are also manufactured. In addition to wristwatches, Junghans also manufactures wall and table clocks.

Over the decades, the demands on the watch changed, but not the principles. The unique combination of traditional watchmaking artistry, consistency and a spirit of innovation continues to determine the company's actions today according to the motto "From tradition into the future".

The consistent use of both traditional and the latest watch technologies in products of high quality and often sensational design give the Junghans brand a unique position on the international market.

The Junghans brand is synonymous with high quality standards at the best value for money. In addition to the famous radio-controlled watches, Junghans captivates with German watchmaking artistry and timeless design with its series Max Bill watches or Junghans Meister.

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