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Citizen Promaster Collection Citizen<br />Promaster Automatik Herrenuhr<br />€269.00
Promaster Automatik Herrenuhr

Citizen Promaster Collection

The Promaster collection by Citizen is for all athletes, who do not want to sacrifice functionality in their watches. The collection is divided into the three lines Marine, Land and Sky - the perfect companions for the requirements of the individual application areas. Citizen combines its traditional philosophy with the newest techniques to offer high quality watches. read more
More from Citizen:

Citizen is one of the largest manufacturers of watches world wide. For years they have set the standards of the trade. With their brands CITIZEN and VAGARY, citizen has managed again and again to develop new, ground breaking technologies, that use natural energy resources and have proven themselves to be very ecologically efficient.

Citizen Eco-Drive

This innovative drive system uses solar energy, and is used in many Citizen watches. Through the use of highly sensitive photocells, even the light of a single candle can be converted into enough electric energy, to power a Citzen watch! Because unused energy is saved in a small battery, these Citzen watches still work, even after months of being stored in a dark place. With a light-free reserve for up to three years of darkness, these Citizen Eco-Drive watches are absolutely unique. You never have to change another battery, with these solar watches! And this proves very handy on diverse watches, because a battery change often is the cause for leakages in water proof watches.

Citizen Titanium

Besides incorporating the most innovative technologies, Citizen watches are known for their excellent build quality, the use of high-end materials (such as Titanium), and a very attractive design. Titanium is a material, which is becoming increasingly important in watch production, because it is extremely light, scratch resistant and hard. This is why Citizen has devoted an entire product-line to titanium.

Citizen radio-controlled watches

Beside Junghans, Cititzen ist the second most important manufacturer of radio controlled watches, world wide. These are never off more than a millisecond – just as the atomic clock. The watches receive a radio signal, which resets the watch continuously to the correct time. Of course these watches automatically set themselves to daylight savings time.

Citzen Promaster divers watches

Citzen is a leading producer of diving watches, but also has some convincing radio controlled watches, automatic watches with run-time function, watches with an altimeter, pilots watches, and many more. The first Citizen divers watch with an electronic depth-display was introduced in 1985 with the Citizen Promaster Aqualand Classic. The German  diving-magazine “Tauchen” awards a prize to the best diving watch every year and the Promaster divers watch has been winning it for six consecutive years straight! Every Promaster Aqualand watch comes packed in a small “scuba bottle”.

Citizen Elegance Watches

Citizen has introduced some very elegant ladies’ and gentlemen’s watches with their Elegance collection. Especially the ladies’ watch is very popular with our customers.

Citizen, as one of the largest watch manufacturers worldwide, occupies a leading position in the market and defines universal standards in the development of clockworks. Trading under the brands CITIZEN and VAGARY and designing new technologies using sustainable resources for the clockwork-drive, Citizen suceeds in merging convienient and dependable watches with environmental benefits.


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