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Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques watches

In the Les Classique collection, Maurice Lacroix takes its motto "progress is our passion" to heart and reinterprets the aesthetics of a classic watch. It is the many small elements, manufactured with attention to detail, that give the models in this collection their unique new character, which retains the charm of a classic watch.  read more
Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Datum Men´s Watch
Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Datum Men´s Watch
Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Mondphase Automatic Watch
Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Men´s Chronograph Automatic
Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Datum Men´s Watch Automatic
Maurice Lacroix
Les Classiques Datum Men´s Watch Automatic
currently not available.

Maurice Lacroix is a rather young watch brand, but can nevertheless look back on a remarkable success story. Since the beginning of the nineties, Maurcie Lacroix has made it its mission to present and introduce ever more innovative developments in watch technology. 

The company's expertise in retrograde displays, chronograph functions and moon phase displays is particularly noteworthy. The heart of this complex technology is the ML 106 Manufacture movement, one of the most exclusive chronograph calibres. Also worth mentioning is the Memoire 1, a memory function originally used in a strictly limited chronograph. 

Since October 2006, Maurice Lacroix has been manufacturing complex movement components for mechanical watches in its own workshops near Saignelégier.

The Maurice Lacroix watches from the Les Classiques collection impress with their pure elegance. These timepieces are the showpieces of traditional watchmaking. It is clear, that the watches all form a unity of balanced design and timeless elegance. 

Les Classiques watches are straightforward. The dial finish and the case roundings are not overly concise. Minimalist, pure form shows perfect readability and unfolding functionality. The very fine bar indexes allow time to pass in complete tranquillity and are topped by a Superluminova lace. 

This collection expands its offer with a series of watches characterized by class and timelessness, without being subject to a fashion dictate. As the name suggests, a Les Classiques watch is part of a collection, that focuses on the essentials and time.

The models give their mechanical interior a modern, elegant look, combined with a timeless design. The symmetrical design keeps the dial in focus and the gaze is not distracted.

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