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Junghans Form watches

Junghans was founded in 1861 in Schramberg, Germany. This Black Forest company quickly expanded, to become the worlds largest producer of clocks and watches around 1900, with over 3000 workers at that time. Ninety Years later Junghans stuns the world with the very first radio controlled wrist watch! And still today, is the world leader when it comes to radio controlled watches and clocks. For example, in 2004 Junghans produced the first multi-frequency radio controlled wrist watch, which can synchronise itself with the radio signals from Japan, the US and Europe.

Junghans is currently developing a global radio controlled watch, with the Japanese company Seiko. This watch will be able to tune in to any local time, anywhere in the world.

Besides the line of radio controlled watches, produced under the name Junghans Mega, the company also has a leading role in the production of solar powered quartz wrist-watches. Junghans still produces mechanical watches, as well as a vide variety of clocks.

The company philosophy stands for inventiveness and the continuous aspiration to precision, have always been the basis for this company’s success, since its foundation in 1861!

Over the years the requirements of a watch have changed significantly, but not the principles on which they work. The unique combination of traditional watch-makers craftsmanship, continuity and sense for innovation, define Jungahns’ motto: “Out of tradition, into the future”

The consequent implementation of traditional and newest technologies, into products with the highest quality of build that often have startlingly fashionable design features, the brand of JUNGHANS has a very unique position on the international market.

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