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Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatches

The Horological Smartwatches from Frederique Constant combine the classic, elegant design typical of the brand with the latest smart technologies. Features such as an activity tracker or inactivity alarm clock extend the classic watches with numerous useful features that can make everyday life easier. Linked to your smartphone, you can monitor all the data recorded by the watch. read more

Frederique Constant stands for innovative wristwatches. Over the years, the brand has produced several innovations, patents and calibres, and is committed to presenting its customers with the latest technologies and advances. This is why Frederique Constant's Smartwatches are a revolution in the watchmaking industry.

Frederique Constant and Alpina are the first partners of Manufacture Modules Technologies. The MMT-proven module was combined with the watches of the Swiss watch manufacturer and the MMT concept was reinvented. The Swiss Horological Smartwatch combines the functions of the MMT module with Swiss craftsmanship. The watches are launched in a designer collection. Both women and men smartwatches are controlled via the MMT-365 app.

Although the Smartwatches combine high-tech innovations with traditional watchmaking artistry, the watches do not have a digital display. Stylish laser-cut hands display information in analog form. Thus the Smartwatches retain their natural classic beauty with extra functions.

In addition to the traditional time and date display, the watch also has an activity and sleep recording function. In addition, the watch has a sleep phase alarm clock and an inactivity alarm. The MMT-365 App, which can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store, displays activity and sleep data in vivid graphics.  This helps to increase well-being and improve personal lifestyle and fitness. The battery life of 2 years is also impressive. The MMT-365 app backs up the data and the watch is compatible with all IOS- and Android-enabled smartphones worldwide.

With the new Smartwatch you get to know yourself even better!

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