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Citizen Satellite Wave-Air GPS watches

The Satellite Wave-Air GPS collection from Citizen is the perfect travel companion for frequent flyers. Using a GPS signal, the watch automatically displays the exact time, regardless of the time zone you are in. The watches only need 3 seconds to receive a time signal to display the current time in the new time zone. read more

Citizen, as one of the largest watch manufacturers in the world, has for years held one of the leading international positions in the watch market and sets global standards for movements. For years, Citizen has succeeded in designing new technologies, that use natural energy resources for the watch drive and are therefore very environmentally friendly. Citizen watches stand for innovative design, state-of-the-art watch technology and particularly high-quality workmanship.

And it is precisely with these points, that Citizen also convinces in the Eco-Drive SATELLITE WAVE-AIR watches, because these receive their signals from navigation satellites, which orbit the earth at an altitude of 20000 kilometers. According to this, these watches can receive signals anywhere in the world. Even for outdoor activities you can rely on the highest precision, because the speed of the automatic time and date correction is unsurpassable. Above all, the SATTELITE WAVE-AIR watches convince with a full metal case.

These watches are just the thing for every watch enthusiast, who sets great store by precision and accuracy. 

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