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Eco-Drive Promaster Marine Men´s -Divers´ Watch Titan

article no.: 8410 BN0205-10L
5.0 / 5 points (1 evaluation so far)
product evaluations for Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Marine Herren-Taucheruhr Titan so far: 5.0 points out of 5
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Product details

Mens watch
Solar drive
Waterproof up to 20 bar
Date display
Typ: Divers watch
If you consider that divers rely on a good watch in order not to die, one could expect designated divers watches to be quite robust timepieces. In Germany, where we are based, a divers watch has to fulfill certain criteria before being allowed to be called a divers watch. These watches are usually watertight to a pressure of 20 bar and over. They are also fitted with large indexes and fingers so that they are easy to read through your goggles in the dim light of the deep blue sea at a distance of at least 25 cm. They will also have to have a timer or a bezel which can be turned to indicate the time a diver needs to consider when calculating the remaining oxygen in his or her tank and to keep the intervals needed when ascending back to the surface. This bezel can only be turned one way so as to eliminate the possibility of it being moved by accident, increasing the diving time over the oxygen supply and thus causing a horrible death through drowning.
Target group: Mens
housing diameter: 44 mm
housing height: 12 mm
Shape: Round
Housing color: Grey/anthracite
Glass: Mineral crystal
Material: Titanium
Different from titan watches, which are just timepieces for very large people out of the Greek mythology, titanium watches are made from titanium. This is a very hard metal, making the watches very durable and scratch resistant. Plus this metal is surprisingly light, so titanium watches will not dislocate your shoulder every time you swing your arm. It is these to qualities that make titanium popular with space technology engineers, racing car makers and other high-end gadgetry. In addition to being just a very suitable material for making watches out of, it is also the case material of choice for people with a nickel allergy who have too much style for plastic watches. Titanium watches definitely do not contain nickel.
Titanium is also darker than stainless steel. It looks greyer and is less shiny than the silvery gleam of stainless steel watches.
Display: Analog
Dial color: Blue
Digits: None
Band colour: Black
Band material: Silicon
Clasp: Buckle clasp
Drive: Solar
Functions: Date display
Luminescent numeral
Water tightness or impermeability, surprisingly enough, is the degree to which you can expose your watch to the element water. A watch can be water repellent to a variety of degrees, from surviving the odd splash, to keeping the watch fully functioning long after your crushed body has hit the ocean floor. Please note that these are always theoretical values. Water behaves very differently at different temperatures and with varying salinity. So we took our crayons and made you this rough guide (which, by the way, is in no way legally binding and we will not be held accountable for your watch if you ruin it):


FYI: 10m is 1 bar is (roughly) 33 ft is (exactly) 0.986923267 atm
20 bar


5.0 of 5.0 (1)


Ich suchte eine schlichte wasserdichte Uhr, nicht zu groß, nicht zu dick, nicht zu schwer.
Das habe ich mit dieser Uhr gefunden (Durchmesser 44 mm, 12 mm dick, 77 g schwer).
Wenn der eco drive hält, was er verspricht, muss keine Batterie mehr getauscht werden und ich muss keine Angst haben, dass die Wasserdichtigkeit leidet oder muss nach Batteriewechsel gar ein teures Abdrücken bezahlen. Das war für mich ein Kaufargument.

Einziges Manko, aber kein Grund für einen Punktabzug: Es ist keine Funkuhr. - Aber zweimal im Jahr kann man ja wohl mal eine Uhr stellen.

Die Leuchtkraft der Indizes und Zeiger bei Dunkelheit ist einfach irre.

Da ich Nato-Band-Fan bin, habe ich das Silikon-Band durch ein "Zulu HC 5 Ring" ersetzt.
Der original verbaute Federsteg hat einen Durchmesser von 2 mm und lässt nur ein 1,5 mm dickes Nato-Band zu.
Die Uhr ist aber sehr leicht im Vergleich zu anderen Taucheruhren, so dass ich davon ausgehe, dass auch ein 1,5 mm Federsteg die Uhr halten würde, so dass ein dickeres Nato genommen werden kann.

Ich habe den Kauf der Uhr in keiner Weise bereut.

Andreas R. (male, 59)
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