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von Axel 20 January 2024
Basically, the time zones were conceived as 24 uniform sections of the globe running parallel to the longitudes. In practice, however, the situation is quite different, as individual states sensibly set time zone boundaries at national borders and - if they extend over several time zones - usually at natural regional borders, so the time zone boundaries actually used are not straight. In addition, some large countries have opted for less time zones than the national territory would actually require, e.g. the same time applies throughout China, although the country stretches over 4200 kilometres.
There are also more than 24 time zones, because some states have decided to choose a time that does not deviate from the world time UTC by an entire hour.
In addition, some states along the dateline have opted for a time on the other side of the dateline. Therefore, there are two additional time zones, UTC+13 and UTC+14.

Time zone table


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