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Off into the deep snow: Skiing and snowboarding with the Garmin MARQ Adventurer Smartwatch.

von Stefan 13 June 2023
Off into the deep snow: Skiing and snowboarding with the Garmin MARQ Adventurer Smartwatch.
Skiing with real passion? And enjoyment of data & facts? With the Garmin MARQ Smartwatch, you can not only enjoy your skiing day, but also evaluate it sportily. In addition, the watch provides a lot of important information for orientation. The MARQ 2 Adventurer also cuts a very good figure on the wrist during Après Ski and does not need to hide behind high-quality Swiss watches with its robust titanium housing.

The Garmin MARQ Smartwatch as a companion on the slopes

As a passionate skier, you not only want to make a good impression on the slopes, but also be well equipped. This is where the Garmin MARQ Smartwatch comes into play: With numerous functions such as GPS tracking, altitude measurement and weather forecast, it is the perfect companion for every ski tour. But not only that: The MARQ also offers special ski functions such as automatic detection of slopes, display of speed and incline, and the ability to create individual downhill profiles. This way, you can fully concentrate on skiing and still have all the important data at a glance. With its robust construction and a battery life of up to 12 days, the MARQ is also a reliable companion in every situation. The sharp AMOLED display with touch function is always easy to read. With the extremely hard and lightweight Grade 5 titanium case and robust sapphire glass, the watch easily withstands many stresses.

GPS tracking for precise recording of routes and speeds

With the integrated GPS tracking, skiers can record and analyze their routes and speeds accurately. This allows you to analyze and improve your own driving behavior. The ability to compete with other skiers also makes GPS tracking an exciting feature. By connecting with the Garmin Connect app, users can also share their performances and connect with other skiers. This makes the skiing experience even more intense and motivates you to new challenges on the slope. With the Garmin MARQ Smartwatch, skiing becomes a high-tech sport – for beginners and professionals alike.

Health measurement for optimal training on the slope

In addition to information about performance on the slopes, the MARQ Adventurer also offers various medical measurements such as heart rate measurement, oxygen saturation, and training effects. Fitness status and sleep data can also be evaluated. With the Health Snapshot, you get a very detailed overview of various relevant health data within 2 minutes.

Navigation, weather information, and ski maps for better planning and orientation

Practically on the wrist, weather forecasts, slope maps, and GPS navigation can be accessed to help with orientation and planning without having to take anything out of your pocket. The large and sharp 390 x 390 pixel AMOLED touch display is easy to read and makes orientation directly from the watch simple and comfortable.

Connection with the Garmin Connect app for detailed analysis and evaluation

With the Garmin Connect app, the detailed analysis and evaluation can be done on your smartphone after the skiing day. There are so many exciting evaluations and valuable insights. The app also offers personalized training plans and can help you achieve new goals. If you enjoy sharing your data with other skiers and becoming part of a community, you can do that here.

Additional functions such as music control, notifications, and NFC payments

The Garmin MARQ Smartwatch is not only a useful companion on the ski slope, but also in everyday life. Thanks to additional functions such as music control and notifications, you won't miss any important messages and can control your favorite music directly from your wrist. The ability to make NFC payments directly with the watch is particularly practical. This way, you don't have to take off your gloves and search for your wallet, but can conveniently and quickly make payments. The MARQ Smartwatch not only offers an improved skiing experience, but also makes everyday life easier with practical additional functions. In summary, the Garmin MARQ Smartwatch is a valuable and practical companion for skiers. With its precise recordings and useful additional functions, it can take the skiing experience to the next level. The optimal training support and safety functions make the watch a valuable partner on the slopes. With its robust construction and waterproof design, it is also a reliable companion in adverse conditions such as snow, extreme cold, or heavy rain. If you want to make the most of your skiing experience, you should consider the Garmin MARQ Smartwatch.

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