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Maurice Lacroix<br />Aikon Venturer Herrenuhr<br />€2,050.00
Maurice Lacroix
Aikon Venturer Herrenuhr

Swiss Watches

Switzerland is still considered the motherland of high-quality watches today. Swiss watches (or Swiss made, Swissness) literally stand for high quality and the highest standards of design and prestige. Every year, the premium brands impress with new mechanical marvels and exciting designs.

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Oru Top-Brands in Swiss Watches:

about Schweizer Uhren

For over 200 years, Switzerland has now been famous for its watch making traditions, especially around the Geneva area. The reason for this is the high quality with which these clockworks are hand crafted, resulting in an incredibly high precision of the Swiss made watches. Another factor, adding to the Swiss watch industry´s success is the typical, clean and timeless design. They just never seem to go out of fashion.

Swiss watches are synonymous for sophisticated accessories paired with technical ingenuity. Swiss movements (i.e. ETA, Tudor), are used by watchmakers worldwide. Many manufacturers pride themselves and like to advertise the fact, that their, maybe fancy Italian designed watch, sports a Swiss made movement.

A Swiss watch is often the only jewellery a man will have. This fact has conventionalized men’s Swiss watches in particular, but also Ladies Swiss watches, to a much cherished, fashionable accessory. Watches made in Switzerland have become much sought-after collectibles for watch aficionados everywhere and sometimes even serve as an investment. This makes certain models of some Swiss watch brands very hard to come by. Brands such as Rolex or Breitling might have a very long waiting time for some of their more exclusive models. Because of the high demand and the limited capacity to produce (as the high-end watch movements are still hand crafted by highly trained specialists), the prices of the luxury Swiss watches are stable on a very high level and therefore provide an exclusivity of the accessory, which in turn secures the high demand.

The fascination about Swiss watchmakers, not matter if they produce extremely precise automatic movements (Swiss chronometers), hand winding watches or reliable Swiss quartz watches, is an unbroken trend. But the Swiss watch industry has never stopped exploring the technical possibilities and has been leading the frontier of watch technology for over 200 years! Modern touch displays and a vast amount of specialized functions for the specific needs have been incorporated into the different models made by Certina and Tissot.

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