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Swatch<br />Big Bold Bioceramic C-Blue<br />€125.00
Big Bold Bioceramic C-Blue

Swatch watches

In the 80s, the cult brand Swatch turned the watch market upside down like no other before it. Colourful freaky plastic watches took the watch market by storm and still have a firm place on the wrists of millions of fans around the globe. Practical, stylish, stable and waterproof. Swatch watches are simply the perfect companion for every situation. ...read more
Swatch Skin India Rose
Skin India Rose
in stock.
Swatch Love from A to Z
Love from A to Z
90.00 69.00
in stock.
Swatch Skin Aloe Ladies´ Watch
Skin Aloe Ladies´ Watch
160.00 111.00
in stock.
Swatch Astilbe Ladies´ Watch
Astilbe Ladies´ Watch
70.00 55.00
in stock.
Swatch Grey Rails
Grey Rails
in stock.
Swatch Gent Pink Disco
Gent Pink Disco
in stock.

About Swatch watches

watches.uhrzeit.org is an authorised Swatch-dealer!

When the dust of the big crisis, which riddled the watch industry during the seventies settled, Swatch stood as one of the very few real winners. A plastic watch consisting of only 51 components (91 are usually used), conquered the market for wrist watches on the double!

The name Swatch originally stood for “second watch” and implicated the intention of the label, to sell affordable watches for every-day use. First sold in 1983, Swatch has since become a brand name and cult-object on its own, advancing to one of the most sold watch brands world wide.

Nowadays Swatch has several ranges on offer, for example the Swatch Irony, made out of stainless steel, Swatch Skin Chrono (the thinnest chronograph in the world), as well as Swatch SnowPass which incorporates an electronic ski-pass system. With countless other collections, Swatch has developed themselves, from a manufacturer of affordable fashion-watches, to a watch company catering for almost any need you could think of.

Swatch continues to prove themselves as the crème-de-la-crème of innovation, bringing out new technical advances in such a quick repetition, it makes the competitions head spin!

And Swatch enthusiasts have long since established a collector’s scene, sometimes buying and selling rarities at prices, which would make most luxury designers blush.

In 2006 Swatch released their “Jelly in Jelly” collection to celebrate the production of the 333rd million Swatch watch!

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