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Solar watches

High-quality quartz watches can also be operated with solar cells on the dial instead of batteries. This saves battery change, is environmentally friendly and especially helps with watches with higher energy requirements such as diving watches, outdoor watches or GPS world time clocks. We have a large selection of solar watches in our shop. read more

about Solaruhren

With a solar clock you do not only protect the environment, but also save the battery change.  

An innovative solar technology ensures, that the precise accuracy of a quartz watch is maintained. It can draw its energy both from sunlight and from normal lamp lighting. Some solar watches have a long dark period, which can last over 6 months.

The solar cells are usually hidden in the dial and do not disturb the optics at all or are invisible to the human eye. The design of the solar watches is diverse and ranges from classic timeless to sporty-modern models. This is, why you will find both digital and analogue watches in this range. With a solar-powered watch you can easily and effectively do something for the environment and still look chic at the same time.

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