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Garmin<br />EPIX Sapphire Schwarz DLC Titan<br />€889.00
EPIX Sapphire Schwarz DLC Titan


The minicomputer in watch form brings various functions with it. Even independently of the smartphone, circulation functions can be monitored and times, distances or altitudes measured. read more
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Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Solar
Fenix 6S Pro Solar
899.99 595.00
in stock.
Garmin Descent Mk2 Divers Watch
Descent Mk2 Divers Watch
1,299.99 1,095.00
in stock.

about Smartwatches

Smartwatches are the modern form of a timepiece, because they can be synchronized with the smartphone and can display information, that the smartphone usually communicates to the user.

By developing useful functions, such as reading the time aloud, reminder functions, receiving notifications or activity detection, the wearer can read everything important from his wristwatch. Using a suitable app, which can be easily installed on both Android and iPhone operating systems, the recorded data can be precisely analyzed and tracked using the Bluetooth function.

In addition to the "full smartwatches", which can be operated via a digital display with touchscreen or a pusher on the sides, there are also the so-called "hybrid smartwatches". Although they have the functions of a Smartwatch, they look like an ordinary wristwatch from the outside, because they have an analogue display - a perfect combination of innovative technology and classic design. 

Many well-known brands rely on the technology of Smartwatches, so that models from brands such as Alpina, Nixon, Garmin etc. can be found in our range. 

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