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Seiko Kinetic watches

Seiko Kinetic watches

With his Kinetic watches Seiko shows once more his motivation to create innovations. As a kind of combination of quartz and automatic movement, Kinetic watches generate energy through the movement of the wrist, which is then stored. This eliminates the need to change the battery or retighten the watch. read more
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Seiko Germany is part of the Seiko Watch Corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. Seiko Watch Corporation is a subsidiary of Seiko Corporation, which in turn is part of the Japanese electronics group Seiko Epson. Seiko Germany has been serving the German market since 1972.

Seiko Kinetic Watches

Seiko Kinetic functions like a miniature power plant on the wrist: the natural movement of the arm sets a flywheel mass in motion in the watch. The rotational speed of the flywheel mass is increased 100-fold by a gear train, that drives the samarium-cobalt microrotor in the generator with up to 60,000 rpm. 

The rotor floats in a magnetic field. The movement of the rotor in the magnetic field generates an electrical voltage in the induction coil of the generator. This alternating voltage is rectified and stored. The stored energy is used to drive the quartz oscillator and the stepper motor. In order to guarantee the function even with tiny amounts of energy, stepper motors had to be developed, which consume only a fraction of the energy required for previous generations of quartz watches.

A normal quartz watch usually stops when the stored voltage drops below one volt. But the Kinetic voltage amplifier increases the residual energy up to three times. The Kinetic generates, stores and uses electricity with maximum efficiency. 


How the Kinetic Voltage Amplifier Works 

1. When the water level (voltage) drops to the level of the tap, the amount of water flowing through the tap decreases. A "normal" quartz watch would now stop running. 

2. In the Kinetic, the remaining water is decanted into three small containers. 

3. By placing the three tanks above each other, the water level (voltage) triples and even the water pressure from the tap can be increased. The water flow is restored as if the tank were full and the clock continues to run normally. 


With the Kinetic technology, Seiko realizes its goal of protecting the environment and looking for ways to reduce dependence on batteries that contribute to environmental pollution. In 1989, the Blue Angel authorities awarded Seikos Kinetic technology the distinction of being environmentally friendly due to its high environmental compatibility. 

So if you've always been looking for a very special watch, that not only displays time, but also captivates with exceptional technology, Seikos Kinetic collection is for you. Timeless design paired with reliability guarantees a lot of joy with a Seiko Kinetic.

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