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Sailing watches

The perfect watch for the ambitious sailor is of course a sailing watch (or yacht timer). This includes, for example, a special stopwatch for regattas, but also a tidal calendar or compass. read more

about Segeluhren

Sailing watches are not only a great companion for ambitious sailors, but also for lovers of technical refinement. These watches must be able to withstand the high loads of sweet and salty water and intense sunlight, which is why they have to be very robust.

With a water resistance of up to 20 bar this is no problem, because the sailing clock guarantees a reliable and flawless function even in wild seas or a spontaneous capsize. The sailing clocks typically have an integrated compass, a stopwatch for regattas and a screwed bottom.

Very helpful for all boat lovers with tide dependent berths are the Tide-Watches & Yacht-Timer with temperature and tide display. The brands Garmin, Alpina and Casio offer beautiful models with helpful functions. Our extensive range of sailing watches will certainly offer you the right timepiece for unforgettable moments on the water.

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