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Junghans<br />Meister MEGA Funkuhr<br />€1,190.00
Meister MEGA Funkuhr

Radio-controlled watches

Radio controlled watches are very popular, because of their unique accuracy. The radio receiver adjusts the clock regularly by the signal of a radio transmitter to the second. Multifrequency clocks synchronize worldwide with different transmitters. The innovative GPS watches receive the exact time information via satellite.

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Casio Pro Trek Mammut Outdoor Watch
Pro Trek Mammut Outdoor Watch
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Garmin Tactix 7 Pro Solar Titan Outdoor Smartwatch
Tactix 7 Pro Solar Titan Outdoor Smartwatch
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about Funkuhren

Radio controlled watches are characterized by a unique accuracy that convinces every watch lover who values precision. 

These watches usually have a quartz movement, which is equipped with a small receiver, that receives the time to the millisecond from a special transmitter in Frankfurt am Main. By adjusting the accuracy several times a day, it is guaranteed that it always displays the correct time. The deviation is only approx. 1 second in 1 million years. A radio-controlled clock also saves you having to manually change over to summer or winter time.  

Multifrequency watches also synchronise with other time signal transmitters in England, Japan and the USA and can therefore be used almost anywhere in the world. 

In our shop you will find a large selection of different brands such as Casio or Citizen, which either have a classic, stylish, modern or sporty design. You can wear the ladies' and men's watches on official occasions or combine them with your everyday outfit. You don't necessarily have to choose between an analog or digital display, because we offer some radio controlled watches from manufacturers, where you can have both at once. So you show your good taste and go at the same time with the time.

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