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Oregon Scientific watches

About Oregon Scientific watches

Oregon Scientific has been producing as a high-tech company, out of Portland, Oregon, USA since 1989. Their “Smart-Living”-concept has made it possible for Oregon Scientific to consequently produce modern, optically pleasing watches, with a wide array of different functions that aim to enrich modern day life. They went to great lengths to ensure, that while offering so many different functions, intuitive usability would not be impaired.

Oregon Scientific Collection Weather
Equipped with thermometers, barometers and many other meteorological functions optional, Oregon Scientific wants to cater for the out-door customer. These watches offer a whole database of information, at the touch of a button, to anyone interested in the state of his natural surroundings.

Oregon Scientific Collection Time
When time is of the essence, these Oregon Scientific watches might just be the right thing for you. Offering many different radio controlled watches and alarm clocks, encased in a stylish Italian design, you will really have to try to be off time again!

A lot of the Oregon Scientific watches are capable of projecting the time, making the display of any relevant data into a visual effect experience.

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