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Multiple-frequency watches

While most radio-controlled clocks process the signals of the DCG77 time signal in Mainflingen near Frankfurt/Main and are thus accurate to the second in most of Europe, multifrequency radio-controlled clocks synchronize with time signal transmitters in the USA, Japan, China and Hawaii and thus in large parts of the world. read more
Casio Pro Trek Men´s Watch
Pro Trek Men´s Watch
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about Multifrequenzuhren

Multifrequency watches belong to the family of radio-controlled watches and differ from normal radio-controlled watches, in that they can process more than just a time signal.

For people who travel a lot and value comfort, a multifrequency watch is a great advantage, because the watch does not have to be changed manually, when changing to a different time zone. In addition to the German time signal (DCF77) in Mainflingen in Hesse, it receives international time signals from countries such as Japan (JJY), the USA in Fort Collins (WWV), Hawaii (WWVH) and China (BPC).  

Depending on the quality of the built-in radio receiver, you always have the current time ready. Multifrequency watches are available as unisex models, as men's watches and as ladies' watches from various high-quality brands such as Junghans and Citizen. 

If you have any questions about one of our watches, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you either by phone on 040/244249-40 or by email at shop@uhrzeit.org.

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