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Astron GPS Solar Dual Time Herrenuhr

GPS world time watches

The latest generation of world time clocks is equipped with a GPS receiver and adjusts the time anywhere in the world via satellite to the current local time. This is not only an exciting innovation, but also a very practical function for globetrotters. read more
Casio Pro Trek Men´s Watch
Pro Trek Men´s Watch
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about GPS Weltzeituhren

GPS world time watches are radio watches, which are equipped with a GPS time zone detection. These watches use the time signals from the GPS satellite network. Thus, the 24 satellites of the Earth´s surface can be used. This means that wherever you are in one of the GPS satellites can be received, so as to obtain an accurate time. Furthermore, the GPS system is used to determine location and time zone detection.
A big advantage of GPS world time watches is that the time zone for travelers conversion is as comfortable as never before, as you have walk outdoors only to get the exact time.
The best example of a GPS watch is the Seiko GPS Astron Worldtime watch series. If it is located under the open sky, the time zone and the exact time can be accurately determined least. By means of a pusher, which must be actuated six seconds, compound is added to at least four satellites in order to identify the location and the corresponding time zone. Within 30 seconds, the watch is set to the current local time.

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