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Automatic watches with guaranteed extremely high precision - this is what distinguishes chronometers. For certification, each watch must prove in a standardised measuring procedure in Switzerland, that the movement does not deviate by more than -4 to +6 seconds per day. read more

about Chronometer

Chronometer are characterized by precision and high quality and are just right for those, who attach great importance to accuracy. The term was used primarily in the maritime sector to refer to instruments for exact position determination. A high degree of accuracy was of great importance here. Officially, a watch can only be called a chronometer, if it has been tested by an observatory or an official gait control in a standardized measuring procedure, after which the movement receives a corresponding certificate certifying its accuracy. On average, the chonometer deviates between minus four and plus six seconds per day. High-quality materials in perfect workmanship are the hallmark of every watch. The modern and contemporary design is never lost sight of, so that elegance and style are always guaranteed.  Women's and men's watches are exactly the right thing for those, for whom precision is top priority.

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