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Eco-Drive Herrenchronograph


Chronographs were once a technical exclamation point, because time could be stopped without stopping the watch. Today, these watches still impress with their attractive design and filigree craftsmanship. read more
Casio Edifice Men´s Chronograph
Edifice Men´s Chronograph
169.00 116.00
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about Chronographen

Chronographs are wristwatches with a stopwatch function, making them ideal for all occasions when time is to be stopped. The designation derives from the Greek terms "chronos" for "time" and "grapho" for "I write", which corresponds to the designation for a stopwatch.

In addition, it has hour, minute and second hands, which are displayed on the dial by totalizers. Typically, these functions are operated by two pushers located to the left and right of the crown. Depending on the technical equipment, time ranges from one minute to 12 hours can be measured. Women's and men's models come in a myriad of shapes and colours, and exclusive watch brands offer a wide choice. Whether by Certina, Seiko, Tissot, Junghans, Oris, Hamilton or Maurice Lacroix: We have the right chronograph for every demand and taste.

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