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After Calvin Klein first made a name for itself as a textiles designer, the range was expanded to include high-quality Swiss Made ladies' watches and elegant jewellery. This high-quality watch collection includes elegant and unique watches for women and men. This jewellery collection for women features captivating unique shapes and high-quality materials.  ...read more
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About CALVIN KLEIN watches

Purist and minimalist styling are the trademark of Calvin Klein, the world famous company with the offensive and provocative attitude towards marketing and brand building. Calvin Klein, now one of the worlds most recognised designers, grew up as the son of Hungarian immigrants in New York’s Bronx district. In 1968 his own label ck Calvin Klein was established to limited success, as it first seemed. In 1982 Mark Wahlberg posed as a model for ck underwear and this is what ultimately brought the big breakthrough. From that point there was no turning back. Calvin Klein’s prestige skyrocketed and his company with it. With an estimated value of approx. $35 billion, CK is the richest fashion empire in the world.

Calvin Klein’s creations are no longer purely fashion and clothing. The label has moved on to accessories, jewellery and perfumes as well. Today Calvin Klein has partnered up with the international watch manufacturer the Swatch Group, to provide the sleek and timeless design of ck with the experience and know-how of Swatch.

The ck jewellery, as well as the ck watches are elegant and timeless. Calvin Klein watches and jewellery have everything, that made this label so big in the first place. They are highly recognisable and some of these pieces are already considered modern classics. 

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