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Seiko Astron Series

Seiko's Astron Series includes a range of GPS world time clocks. Once a day, the models of this line receive a time signal via radio and thus always display the exact time. This also happens with these timepieces, when the wearer travels to another time zone. The signal is then only received by another satellite.   read more
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Seiko has created an innovation on the watch market with the Astron GPS Solar World Time Clock. With the Astron Series Seiko creates the first real global clock, because this clock is able to determine the correct time zone independently by means of GPS and so an annoying time setting is passé once and for all, because the Seiko Astron GPS Solar World Time Clock models do it all by themselves.

All models have a specially patented Seiko GPS receiver, which is characterized by its particularly low energy consumption and can receive signals from up to four satellites to determine the exact position and from the integrated database the current time zone and the exact time and set the clock accordingly.

All 39 time zones of the world are considered, which means a unique combination of time and space.

The current time is received automatically once a day and at any time at the touch of a button, if desired. The Astron GPS Solar connects to four or more GPS satellites orbiting the earth as required. The hands automatically adjust to the correct local time with the accuracy of an atomic clock.

The light absorbed by the dial supplies the Seiko Astron World Time Clock with the required energy. No direct sunlight is necessary for this.

In addition to the GPS technology, which allows the watch to determine its exact position, the power supply of these clocks via state-of-the-art solar technology is a highlight of the engineering art. The GPS synchronization is very energy-intensive and was solved by Seiko with different patents.

In addition, the watches of the latest generation are installed in astonishingly slim and flat cases.

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