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Junkers Bauhaus watches

The Bauhaus collection by Junkers was the result of the collaboration between Bauhaus Dessau and Junkerswerke and its simple design is reminiscent of the Bauhaus era. The results of this collaboration, which ended in 1933, still have a great influence on art and architecture today.  read more

Junkers watches stand for consistency and quality workmanship. They inspire with their historical reference to the legendary corrugated iron airplanes and are based on the creations of the German aircraft engineer Hugo Junkers. In this way, an exciting airplane era comes to life again. 

Junkers watches stand for robustness, longevity and a striking design. Almost all Junkers watches are manufactured in Germany and only high-quality materials and movements are used.

Hugo Junkers was not only a gifted German aircraft engineer, but also a great admirer of expressionist painting and modern design. This led to a great connection to the artists of the Bauhaus movement in Dessau. The design of these artists with reduced and clear lines is reflected in the Bauhaus collection. The clocks convince by their simple and stylish appearance, as well as by their high-quality workmanship. 

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