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Fossil Smartwatches

The Fossil Smartwatches include the Hybrid Smartwatches and the Touchscreen Smartwatches. Whether technology lovers who do not want to do without the features of an analogue watch or watch lovers with a pioneering spirit and a soft spot for the latest smart technologies, Fossil Smartwatches has something for everyone. read more

Fossil was founded in 1984 in America and quickly and successfully established itself on the American market as one of the first suppliers to recognize the concept of the watch as an accessory.

Fossil not only stands for trendy accessories, but also for innovative smartwatches. The Fossil Smartwatches combine classic watch design with the latest smart technology and are very versatile. On the one hand Fossil Smartwatches offers touchscreen Smartwatches, which provide you with the classic Smartwatch functions, such as heart rate monitor, pedometer and date display, as well as other functions in conjunction with your smartphone. These include numerous apps from the App Store of Wear OS, such as Spotify, as well as the display of notification and SMS. These Smartwatches are also very versatile, the bracelets are very easy to change and the dial is individually customizable, for example with a photo of your choice.

On the other hand Fossil offers Hybrid Smartwatches. Hybrid means here a combination of classic analogue watches with the functions of a Smartwatch. They have analog dials and hands, as well as functions of a Smartwatch, that do not require a display. These include, for example, pedometer, heart rate monitor, alarm, music control and notifications. Notifications are sent to the wearer of the watch either by vibration or by means of an individually adjustable hand position. For example, you can calibrate the setting to display a Whatsapp notification with the 3 o'clock position. 

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