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Emporio Armani Emporio Armani Connected watches

The watches from Emporio Armani perfectly complement the collections of the star designer Giorgio Armani. Like all other product series, Armani watches and jewellery are directly managed and characterised by Giorgio. Clear lines, a fashionable look and perfect workmanship - Giorgio Armani is perhaps more interested in detail than any other fashion guru and always looks at his collections from the view of the big picture....read more

Giorgio Armani was born in 1934, in Piacenza, Italy. He founded his first fashion label in 1974 with his partner Sergio Galeotti, called Giorgio Armani S.p.A., after dropping out of medical school. In 1980 Armani designed the new uniforms of the Italian airforce and one year later created a new label: Emporio Armani.

His continuously growing company not only offers the very successful fashion-collection for men and women, that everyone knows, but also offers a wider variety of accessories such as handbags, glasses, watches, under- and swimwear.

Armani came to international fame in the mid-80s, as an outfitter for several well known Hollywood stars. The peak of this being an all-Armani-clad Richard Gere in the movie “American Gigolo”.

Today, you can name almost any Hollywood star, and they probably are an Armani customer. His yearly fashion shows in Milano, New York or Paris are always an event the people flock to, from near and far.

The successful and well established line of Emporio Armani-watches falls well in line, with the companies design philosophy. Clear cut lines deliver that typical Armani-look people recognise all over the world.

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