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Sunday, 17. February 2019
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DS Podium Valgranges Men´s Chronograph Automatic Special Edition
€ 1,730.00  € 999.00
Price incl. 19% VAT
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Radio controlled watches

With a radio-controlled watch you are always abreast of the times.
It allows for keeping up with the exact time, without annoying readjust, missed appointments and time change hassle:
Radio clocks do exactly what you would expect from a watch. On top of that they are a nifty companion for all occasions.

With Uhrzeit.org you are guaranteed to find the perfect radio-controlled watch for your style.

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Smartwatches - beyond timekeeping

Smartwatches are currently conquering the watch market at all levels. Be it as a help for a sporty everyday life, as a useful outdoor utensil for adventure seekers or as a fashionable companion that enhances any outfit - and of course to always display the accurate time.

A small introduction to the watch world 2.0

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On Sunday March 31st, 2019 2am the time will be adjusted

The clocks will be set 1 hour forward, so
the night is 1 hour shorter. The time then changes from standard time to daylight savings time .

More information on daylight saving time is found here

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GPS Uhren

GPS world time watches

Next to smart watches GPS world time watches are the outstanding technical innovation on the watch market in recent years. They determine the position by means of GPS signals and can thus specify the exact local time of day anywhere in the world - independent of time signal transmitters.

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