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How can I advertise at Uhrzeit.org, which persons frame the target group?

The website Uhrzeit.org was established in 2000 and is with 5 mio. Page impressions per month and 1,3 mio. different visitors an highly ranged website with a high-class target group. The average shopping cart of a Uhrzeit.org customer is about 200€

The majority of our 53,000 customers (weekdays) is well educated and has a job, where the exact time is very important.

 86% Men
 67% Technical jobs, banking-,finance-,IT-,automobile industry
 85% 20-49 years
 68% university-entrance diploma, studies
 71% freelancer, leading employee, clerk
 33% net household income exceeding 4000 €

Source: Our user survey in August of 2007

Moreover, with the help of our logfiles and watch sales, one can see that the employees of huge automobile industries, banks, architectures, medicines and judges use Uhrzeit.org. This is why our target group can be seen as a very well-funded target group. Only the server of the Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and Deutsche Börse AG has over 1,000 visitors at Uhrzeit.org.

Typical huge amplitudes in March and Octobre mark the clock changes, where up to 250,000 visitors per day use Uhrzeit.org.

Your ad possibilities at Uhrzeit.org

Flyers at Uhrzeit.org

Uhrzeit.org offers you the chance to reach a highly e-commerce- and fashion-affine target group, by advertising with your flyers. .
Up to 3,000 supplements per moth can be send, in every parcel are max. two of these, to optimate the impact of your offers.

Package supplements Uhrzeit.org parcels
prices: 120€ per 1,000 parcels

advertising through banners on Uhrzeit.org

Uhrzeit.org offers you attractive banners on our highly ranged sites.
Book one of our high-class banner placements on the the sites you want.

Banners Time and technique
Atomic clock: www.uhrzeit.org/atomic-clock.php
World clock: www.uhrzeit.org/world-time.php
: www.uhrzeit.org
Daylight saving Time: www.uhrzeit.org/daylight-savings-time.php
Possible forms: Big Size Banner (728x90), Content-Ad (300x 200) or Skyscraper (120x 600)
prices: 8€ per 1,000 flashs

Banners Shop
Home: www.uhrzeit.org
watches-Shop: www.uhrzeit.orgwatches
More shop-sites: over 9,000 posibilities
Possible forms: Big Size Banner (728x90) or Skyscraper (120x 600)
prices: 14€ per 1,000 flashs

Wallpaper Time and technique
Atomic clock: www.uhrzeit.org/atomic-clock.php
World clock: www.uhrzeit.org/world-time.php
Possible forms: Two skyscrapers (160x600) on the right and left, as well as one wide banner on top (960x113) and fitted backgroundcolour.
Media data: On the two bottoms of the wallpaper there are about 320,000 site views per week, that can be made by 210,000 different visitors.
prices: The booking of the wallpaper as a full-page bonding is made by week:

In ful rotation with about 320,000 PI for 10,240,- € (32,- € / TKP).
In two-times-rotation with about 160,000 PI for 5,760,- € (36,- € / TKP).
In four-times-rotation with about 80,000 PI for 3,040,-€ (38,- € / TKP).

We create the wallpapers with your conception and your sent graphics for a lump-sum of 250,-€.

The minimal-booking-volume for both the banners on top is 50,000 PI per month, for the wallpaper 7 days.

Agencies get 15% AE.
Special ads and sponsoring is possible by request.

All prices are netto without sales-tax. 

Why should you not just try advertising on Uhrzeit.org?

Convince yourself through high sale-rates to the Uhrzeit.org target group.
For more information, please contact Mr. Meissner: m.meissner@obfuscateduhrzeit.org
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