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Traser P66 Shade Nato Saphir
P66 Shade Nato Saphir
€ 429.00
in stock.

about Militäruhren

In the atomic-Clock.org.uk watch shop, you will find an exclusive selection of up to date military watches, such as Traser H3, Special OPS ort he stylish Kalashnikov watches. H3 watches for example are constantly illuminated, without electricity or recharging through daylight. Because of these and many other advantages, over 300.000 Traser watches are in use by the United States forces, such as the US Navy Seals, today. The H3 is also the first choice of British Special Forces such as the Special Air Service and the Special Boat Squadron, as well as the French Foreign Legion. All these units choose Traser H3 because of its reliability and precision above all other watches.

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